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  • low acquisition costs
  • character height of up to 25.4 mm
  • aqueous cartridges can be re-filled
  • easy integration into production line (sensor included)
  • ingenious firmware with many automatic functions
  • option of printing data from a database
  • other printing options, such as VARIABLE TEXT, VARIABLE QR CODE, VARIABLE BARCODE
  • touchscreen display for easy operation
  • support and service available

The mobile B35 printer is an ideal solution for replacing larger labels thanks to its marking area of 25.4 mm
You will no longer need a printer for stickers, a Zebra printer for labels, or labels themselves, etc.
It will fully replace them.

The handheld B35 printer will fully replace them.
It will also markedly increase your efficiency and the speed of marking your boxes, wood, plasterboard, glass, metal, plastic or other material.
The B35 is a mobile printer with which you will be able to mark anywhere in your warehouse without limitations thanks to the battery life of up to 10 hours.

You will have unlimited printing options.
It is possible to print, for example, text, barcodes (code39, Code128, EAN8/13, UPCA, ITF), QR codes, data matrix codes, logos, symbols, automatic counters, counters, dates, etc.

Are you interested in implementing ink-jet marking on a production line?
The B35 can easily be built in to your production line thanks to the online solution for marking, including the sensor that comes with it.

We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you or answer any questions.

Contents Specifications
Printhead Thermal InkJet
Operating system Linux
Interface Optical interface for integration into production line, USB, power supply
Launch options Manual start, started by photoelectric sensor, continuous printing
LED indicator LED indicators: green LED - ready, blue LED - printing, red LED - alarm
Display 4.3” touchscreen display
Available languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian,, Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese
Printing distance 2-5 mm for best printing results
Printing resolution 300 dpi
Character size From 2 mm to 25.4 mm
Printing speed 10 m/min (maximum speed)
Cartridge capacity 42 ml
Available printing colours Black, red, yellow, blue, green
Printing options Text, barcodes (code39, Code128, EAN8/13, UPCA, ITF), QR codes, data matrix codes, logos, symbols, automatic counters, counters, dates, variable QR codes, variable data matrix codes, variable barcodes, variable text, printing of data from database, etc.
You can print on aqueous cartridges: suitable for printing on absorbent surfaces such as wood, paper, carboard, etc., not resistant to water or rain
solvent cartridges: the ink is water-resistant, it can only be removed using benzene or alcohol, it is abrasion-resistant, it is suitable for printing on non-absorbent and smooth surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass and HDPE film
Fonts Vector font, Dot matrix font
Built-in battery 2600mA lithium battery (7AV), 10 hours of printing
Adapter DC 9V/2A
Dimensions 136 mm × 49.9 mm × 232.65 mm
Printer weight only 460 g (including battery),
Operating conditions 0-40°C (optimum of 20-30°C). Humidity 10-80%

Package contains

  • printer
  • optical sensor
  • portable case
  • charger
  • USB drive
  • auxiliary roller
  • auxiliary carriage
  • manual

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